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Why I felt I needed to write a novel

Why does anyone feel the need to write a letter, a poem, a novel etc? It’s a way of reaching out to others, a great way of communicating and getting beyond your Self, your own boundaries and stepping into the unknown and of course, it’s an outlet for your thoughts, your imagination and your ideas. As an author, I didn’t know myself how the novel was going to unfold and I started by writing the last chapter first and almost worked my way backwards. I knew how it was going to end, I just wasn’t sure of anything else!

There was a pressing need for me to write The Vanishing Cafe after the passing of my mother, a major relationship break up & a whole lot of other issues coming up. The time was ripe to write about a novel that came from the heart and was born out of a yearning and a need to explore the possibility of life after death, the loss of love and the grieving process and a genuine curiosity of other realities beyond our five senses.

The Narrator Nina’s search is one that starts from the pain of losing a loved one and ends up shaking up her reality, her thinking and opening her world to the possibilities of things beyond. What makes us human, does everything ultimately vanish and disappear, where does it go? Do we continue in some form after death?

The Cafe is the mouthpiece for Nina’s journey and it is a magical place itself, adapting to the moods of the people in it, transforming beyond its seemingly bland existence. Here, Nina learns what she needs to know to change herself - from her high powered job to her Nan’s humble words and insights, that now inspire and push her onwards on her journey.

The Vanishing Cafe was my way of reaching out to others who are on the same journey as Nina - a spiritual pathway. It was a way of saying, keep searching for your truth, don’t let anyone stop you in your search or tell you you are mad for trying! Ultimately, find the answers you need. And come away stronger and more fulfilled. Believe in yourself and you’ll be guided on your path.