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Do All Things with Love..if you can!

Aside from writing about my novel, I’ve decided to talk about other subjects too in my blog - whether observational, in the news, or otherwise! All my topics will be about improving yourself in some way though! Or thinking outside of the box. Recently, I stayed in a hotel room in the Canaries and this was the message emboldened on the wall opposite the bed - Do All Things with Love - a simple message, yet not an easy one to carry out moment by moment! I think only Jesus did that right, didn’t he? And even he still got angry in the Temple when he cleared it of the money changers and the animal sellers! So no, not even Jesus. So why was it staring me in the face, every time I woke up in the morning? Honestly, I don’t know. I think the Universe must have been playing with me, as in a bizarre way, it was a much-needed message. When I gave it some feeling rather than thought, what it said to me was, think before acting in everything you do and it makes you think about the nature of lov

Why did the café need to vanish in my novel?

Why did the café need to vanish in my novel? Well, how do I put this simply? I guess because everything in life vanishes, changes and transforms into something else, including ourselves! Nothing stays the same, ever! The novel revolves around Nina’s search for something beyond the five physical senses, after her beloved grandmother’s death. Is there something more, is there a life after life? Her journey takes her to the heart of a café that she never knew existed before. The enigmatic café draws her in and she lets the happenings and regular characters transform her into a new person. The café is constantly in motion, it’s a live vehicle for Nina to reach her destination. And what is her destination? The discovery of her true Self, her journey into herself and into what the nature of life really is. It’s a shame that her husband, Pieter, doesn’t share her enthusiasm. After hearing his wife’s stories about what happened in the café - and half believing her, his own fears of anyth