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Why did the café need to vanish in my novel?

Why did the café need to vanish in my novel? Well, how do I put this simply? I guess because everything in life vanishes, changes and transforms into something else, including ourselves! Nothing stays the same, ever!

The novel revolves around Nina’s search for something beyond the five physical senses, after her beloved grandmother’s death. Is there something more, is there a life after life? Her journey takes her to the heart of a café that she never knew existed before. The enigmatic café draws her in and she lets the happenings and regular characters transform her into a new person. The café is constantly in motion, it’s a live vehicle for Nina to reach her destination. And what is her destination? The discovery of her true Self, her journey into herself and into what the nature of life really is.

It’s a shame that her husband, Pieter, doesn’t share her enthusiasm. After hearing his wife’s stories about what happened in the café - and half believing her, his own fears of anything else ‘out there’ make him critical towards Nina - thinking she is wrapped in delusion and temporary craziness, due to the grief of losing her grandmother.

Yet the café needs to transform - we wouldn’t know otherwise what gems are hidden in the heart of it. Life is shallow for many people, the humdrum of daily life can often take over our Soul’s purpose. Then it’s a wrestling match to find it. Why are we here? How do we help ourselves and others? Why are we so intricately bound together? The human experience of the café unfolds as the lives of the regulars unfold in the midst of it. The reader is left asking, what’s the essence of the café? Did it really exist or was everything a figment of Nina’s imagination?