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Why many of us are on the same journey as Nina

Nina is the narrator of my novel, The Vanishing Cafe, and she is searching for answers after the death of her beloved grandmother. She’s asking herself whether life continues after we die, is there more than what we see in this world? Many people are searching for answers in this day and age that lie beyond the five physical senses. How do I know this? Because they tell me! I’m talking about my friends, my clients, friends of friends, even religious people. People seem to want more than the daily grind, many are fed up of trying to make ends meet and feel angry, or even ‘empty at the state of the world today’ - as one friend told me. The endless playground of politics, celebrities and consumerism is affecting many of us. Often we feel meaningless or powerless, but we are not and when we are hungry for answers, that’s when our search really starts. So, the next step is what is it that empowers you? There’s a palpable restlessness out there, people want to know that they belong, that